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A reference librarian at the community college. She’s much younger than most of the people working in the library — 31 — with a gregarious personality. Briar is often seen with Milo (her grandfather) or Paris Lindsay. Residents about her age would know that she left for NYC with her parents when she was sixteen and that she came back to the Boston area after undergrad.

  • Possible tie-ins: Briar helped you on a research project (requires status 1 at the college to denote you have a valid college ID), Person whom you always see when you’re both picking up Chinese take-out, Colleague, Go to the same congregation (United Church of Christ, requires church membership) … &c.


He sought her permission to put up an ad for private tutoring (math, astronomy, physics) in the library. Since then, she’s recognized him while in the supermarket checkout line, where he probably came off as interaction-starved, yet socially withdrawn at the same time.
Briar would have casually thrown her four boxes of Morton kosher salt onto the register to ring up separately (“never be a homeowner”) before her groceries while trying to make small talk about the Red Sox.
Ruben would have looked interested but would have had no reply to her quip about home ownership. He’d say he was out of the country for a bit, and he’s been wrapped up in personal projects, so he’s out of the loop with regard to the Red Sox. He’d ask how they’re doing.
She would have obviously glanced for headlines in the news by the register before saying, “I think they’re doing OK. No one’s too depressed, right? ::whisper:: My dad’s a Yankees fan …” And then she would have been sidetracked by checking out, with a “keep your chin up” thrown in for good measure.
“You, too.”


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